Building Blocks for Brighter Futures


Volunteers enhance the mission of Marillac Place through direct and indirect service to the children and women in our home and are a critical aspect of our operation. All volunteers at Marillac Place are required to participate in a screening process.

Volunteer Opportunities

Marillac Place’s individual volunteer positions can be located on the Volunteer Action Centre’s website, see link below.  If you would like to be on an email list to receive a blast email when we have volunteer positions open, please submit your email below.  Another great way to keep up to date on our Volunteer requirements and the news happening at Marillac Place is to like and share our posts on Facebook.

Are Volunteer Groups Welcome?

Yes. Volunteer groups provide valuable experiences for Marillac Place. Adult/youth groups, clubs, service organizations and church groups can participate in our volunteer programs or fundraising activities. While we have a host of current fundraising and volunteer activities we are always interested in hearing more ideas. If you have some thoughts or ideas and want to become involved please let us know.

What are the Requirements for Volunteering?

A genuine desire to help enable our participants to become successful, productive members of society and assist them to break the generational downward spiral of homelessness and poverty. Since Marillac Place cares for children and women who are often in delicate and confidential situations, we require mature and discreet volunteers.

After a consultation specific duties are arranged to match a volunteer’s interest and skills. Criminal Background Clearance may be required for some volunteer positions. These requirements are necessary for the safety of the participants and their children, as well as the volunteers’ own protection.